Game 70: Doeo


Raitendo seems to have a sort of warped sense for the absurd. Put together a cute little hilltop scene, with a nice lake, and blue skies. Then throw Doeos at it until they are popping literally everywhere. If you don't know what a Doeo is then SHAME on you. They're those pink, dog-squares from... err... from... the recesses of Raitendo's mind, I suppose?
For each level, the maddening, yet addictive, voice will tell you how many Doeos you have to get (and by 'get' we mean pass the mouse over) and how long you have in which to get 'em. They will then appear all over the place and you just whirl your mouse around until it's time up, and hope that you got the blighters. The final level is the Doeo King, but we'll let you find out how to take him on.