Game 43: The Goat in the Grey Fedora


I give you, The Goat in the Grey Fedora. A strange and offbeat point-and-click adventure with a black and white film noir atmosphere. This is a superb 3D type graphics mystery, with tremendously atmospheric audio (from the moment "a dame walks in and asks you something totally bizarre"). The downside is that it takes ages to load and the first two real puzzles are bit complicated compared to everything else. That aside, it really is a fantastic game. In my opinion, this is best played full screen, so hit that little ol' maximize button.

Mouse click to select items or menus (or click the "Use" symbol of an item in the inventory then drag it onto the main screen).
The game gives every item three options (usually "Look at/ Examine", "Take", and something else) for a reason - make sure you don't miss any.