Game 31: Mirror's Edge 2D


When, oh when, will 'real' games developers realise the joy of flash? What's that you say? Flash Portal? They did gone made a flash game of Portal... and it was brilliant, you say? Great stuff. Well here's another one, the 'hotly anticipated... etc... one to watch... etc...' Mirror's Edge creators have quite literally 'jumped' onto the bandwagon by calling in Brad Borne (not to be confused with Jason Bourne), creator of the brilliant Fancy Pants Adventures, to put together a 2D version for all us slathering netaholics.The results are exciting to say the least. Like in it's 'big game' counterpart you take the reins of delivery girl Faith - the acrobatically excellent and depressingly alluring pixellated princess, whose job it is to free-run (Derivative of the French sport of Parkour which sees its subscribers finding the most graceful and off-kilter ways of getting from a to b... with the emphasis on its being free, so anything goes) across the rooftops picking up satchels and tokens. The music is ace too, so off you go - take to the skies.

Use the left and right arrow keys to run. Hit the down arrow when running to slide, or when still to duck. Use 's' to jump, hold it to jump longer and/or further. If you jump at a wall and press the up arrow key Faith will run up the wall some. There are a few other tasty little tricks but we'll leave you to unravel those.

Keep running... the main fun in this'un is to just see how good of a flow you can gather before the inevitable slip.