Game 7: Treasure of Cutlass Reef


Ahoy mateys! Here we be havin' a game fit for all you fellow pirates out there! Your the Captain of this fine pirate ship and you need to use your nautical skills to manuver and attack the enemy fleet, plundering the treasure! I've played loads of piratey games online, and I think Treasure of Cutlass Reef is up there with the best, though perhaps not playable for long periods of time? Still though, I enjoy it a lot and I hope you do too!
Check out the 'How To Play?' menu in-game, it'll only take 30 seconds and will help a lot.

Here are a few tips for you;
Try to engage as many ships as you can, because plundering a captured ship gives you more gold than destroying it and then plundering the wreck (though keep an eye on your crew numbers).
You can pause the game during battle with the P key. 
If the game runs slowly with many ships on the scene, go into the options screen, and decrease the quality and particles number. It can drastically improve the performance. 
If you spend more gold on crew on the first levels, you can engage more ships, which means more gold.
Enemy ships look out not to shoot at each other, but with some nasty maneuvers you can draw their fire on each other!