Game 40: Final Ninja Zero


Big thanks to Iñigo for recommending this groovy game!
Nitrome's Final Ninja Zero is a prequel to Final Ninja, browser-based platform game of year 2008. It's 20 more levels of explosions, stealth, and lasers, with plenty of new surprises to befuddle and destroy you.
Zero tells the story of our hero Takeshi 40 years before the vendetta against his master Akuma, back when he worked as a mercenary for the espionage department of a powerful mega-corporation. During his first mission against rival Food Pharma Corp, a mission which somehow involves both samurai and hamburgers, a mysterious force incapacitates him, and he finds himself imprisoned within blah blah blah blah there are cyborg ninja monkeys!
Did you hear me? Cyborg. Ninja. Monkeys. Play this game and you get to fight them.
You also get to dodge behind pipes to hide from snipers, you get to disguise yourself as a surprisingly nimble scientist, and you get to hack into remote-controlled mines and fly them around like your own personal carrier pigeons made of dynamite.
This development team proves they possess the powers of incredible action-adventure. The rest of the internet would do well to infiltrate their lair and steal their secret.

Steer your ninja with the [Arrow] keys or [WASD]. Aim and throw stars by tapping the mouse button. Hold the button to extend a climbing rope that sticks into walls. Press [Down] to activate your cloaking device, which is a very cool effect that warps lasers around you, and of course prevents sensors from spotting you and setting off nasty alarms.