Game 41: Grow Tower


The latest in one of the greatest series of browser games ever conceived is not a disappointment. This time you have to pick five different items to stack on top of one another, with the ultimate aim being to turn the sun on... a long way up above you. You've got a plant pot, a piece of turf, a sideways cauldron, a box with a button, and some bricks.
All you have to do is pick them in the order you think they should go, and let the game do the rest. There is only one right way, and this will reward you with the most elaborate animation, but each different combination yields an animation of its own that is great in its own right. This is the best visual game I've seen in a while. 

Throw logic out the window and just have fun, but make a note of what you have and haven't tried, or you'll be frustrated by repetition.

The game may not load properly the first time you click, instead you may see a webpage. If this happens, just close the window and try again. Some weird bug I can't figure out, sorry!