Game 17: InkLink


Remember the big Pictionary craze of years gone by? That's the party game where one player sketches a word or phrase while other people with absolutely nothing better to do try to be the first to guess the mystery item.
Well now, thanks to the clever kids at Shockwave, InkLink brings to the Internet all the excitement of Pictionary, without the need to invite the in-laws over, and the inevitable arguments that follow. You can just jump in and compete against strangers from around the world in the special gaming chatroom. 
To get started click on the picture above, press the 'play online' button, enter one of the usernames below, then just hit 'play online' again and the game should load in a new window.

You do need a username and password; if you don't have one, don't worry, please feel free to use one of the usernames listed below.

You may need to install Shockwave Player (different to Flash Player) if the game isn't loading for you; you can do that by clicking here

Username: gameaday1                           Username: gameaday2
Password: free                                       Password: free

Username: gameaday3                           Username: gameaday4
Password: free                                       Password: free

Username: gameaday5                           Username: gameaday6
Password: free                                       Password: free

Username: gameaday7                           Username: gameaday8
Password: free                                       Password: free