Game 32: Shopping Cart Hero


If you've never taken a ride in a shopping trolley then you can probably quite accurately imagine what it would be like. Here you can take that dream to the edge, where the line between endless glory, and blood soaked disaster is a thin one.
Build your speed, pick you moment and nail you landing. There's the requisite 'extras' in the form of big effing rockets for extra speed, and stunts for extra style. Great game... yip yip.

Hold the right arrow to get running, hit 'up' as close to the flag as possible to get into the trolley, and then again at the lip of the jump for the best elevation. When in the air, use the left and right arrow to steady yourself for a safe landing.
Performing a successful flip in the air wins points, as do the prescribed tricks you can buy. Be careful when you've got passengers; if you don't land safely, you have to pay for more.