Game 28: Tetris


It's most likely you've come to play Tetris through many hours of button-prodding on the Nintendo Game Boy.  But the real hero is inventor Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian genius with a fixation for puzzles and an affinity with beards [brains and style!].  Here is a tribute recreation from Paul Neave.
Here's how you play.  Shaped blocks (called tetrominoes by the way) fall into a pit where you need to arrange them so they form a complete horizontal line.  Once a line without gaps is created, it disappears and the blocks above fall down.  The more lines you create simultaneously, the more you score. 
Remember to take a break every few hours or your eyes will actually start seeing everything square (I tell you this from experience!).

Move - arrow keys                          Pause game – P
Fast drop – down key                      Quit game – Q
Rotate clockwise – up key or X         Rotate c/clockwise – Z