Game 35: Shadez - The Black Operations


In this real time strategy game you are "the General of a mercenary force hired by the governments around the world to fight the wars they don't want to fight." Excited yet?!
Rather than the A-Team you control a beautifully rendered army of soldiers with an increasingly powerful arsenal of weaponry. As you choose your troops and artillery wisely, they stream from left to right across the misty, Vietnam-esque landscape battling whatever approaches from right to left. With enough scope to keep you involved for hours on end, this could be another job-destroyer. Don't blame me.

Have your clicking finger at the ready and unleash hell. Click on the various options across the bottom to pick troops, arrange air strikes, roll in the artillery and more. All in the name of death... War is an expensive business!

Plan for the future... just having missiles doesn't mean you have to use them... but as long as you have them, then you can use them if things get hairy. Don't think the opponents are gonna hold back!