Game 78: Spy Hunter


Here it is, Spy Hunter, the incredibly successful 1983 arcade game from Midway. Excellent gameplay and perhaps the most popular game theme music ever are largely responsible for its success. This is a direct port from the Nintendo game, the closest to the original arcade version.
I stumbled across a copy of the original manual online, so here's the official mission statement!;

Pilot your vehicle through the track. Seek and destroy enemy agents
who will use every means to wipe you out. You must avoid the road
hazards and protect the friendly pedestrian vehicles. There's terror
at every trun - tire slashers, torpedoes, bomb dropping helicopters -
standing in your way of the most diabolical collection of enemy
agents ever to hit a video screen. You have your skill and reflexes
along with Smoke screens, Oil slicks, and Heat seeking missiles to
outmaneuver your opponents. One mistake and it's all over. So strap
yourself in; no need to check your ammo. You've got more than enough;
and take the challenge. Be: SPY HUNTER (tm)

Steer: Arrow Keys Activate Weapons: X
Turbo: UP Arrow Start Mission/Call Weapons Van: ENTER
Brake: DOWN Arrow Weapon Select: CTRL
Machine Guns: Z