Game 42: Sunny Day Sky


Here in Madrid the sun is shining, as it is in the twee world of Ferry Halim, home of Orsinalgames, where the sun is always shining brightly.
In Sunny Day Sky, your task is to fly through the air clutching a small umbrella. Opening and closing your brolly shoots your little bear higher and allows him to soar further. Collecting magic apples increases your air time, but watch out for the flying ducks, which will make your teddy plummet to the ground.
The more cars and buses you pass, the more points you collect. And if your umbrella runs out of steam, a well-timed jump onto a passing car will give your bear time to recover - ready for another flight.

Controls are easy; just mouse click to open and close your umbrella.
Remember, longer flights mean higher scores, so aim for the apples to really boost your score.