Game 19: CDX


Launched by the BBC History team (along with the design and technical prowess of Preloaded), CDX is a multi-episode adventure game that uses real actors and video segments to spin a tale of mystery and intrigue around an ancient Roman sacrificial blade.
The format of the game is a point-and-click adventure; you're presented with a brief cutscene introducing you to the story and your role, which is entirely live action video. You're then dropped into a room in which you must figure out how to move forward in the story.
Attention to detail and high production values set this effort apart from other online point-and-click adventures, and the acting is top-notch. There are even selectable dialog sequences in which the actors will play out a scene based on the choices made by the player.
CDX is an amazing effort from the BBC and Preloaded teams, they have created an engaging and compelling interactive experience that is hugely enjoyable. 

- You need a good broadband connection to enjoy this game fully
- It takes a couple of minutes to load, please be patient
- Best played in fullscreen
- Ensure your volume is turned up!