Game 61: The Cryptic Canvas


Cryptic Canvas lets you guess the titles of 50 movies from clues sprinkled throughout a handsome illustration by Amie Bolissian, and gathered under the theme of "great movies".
Depending on how well you know your recent Hollywood hits, this could keep you occupied for a very short time, or a very long time indeed. But there are some very clever hints as well, and the interface is pleasant enough (the manual zoom feature is a blessing), and the artist commits herself to each gag, so even the brain-coagulatingly simple ones may satisfy you on the "lol" front!

A Note About the Sign-In: Cryptic Canvas asks you for your email address, as a reference so that you don't lose your progress. However, I gave it a fake address, and I was able to quit and resume my game later from the same computer without having to input the address again. So if you want to remain the anonymous cinephile, you can.