Game 22: Questionaut

Step into another surreal world created by Amanita Design (creators of Samorost). Commissioned for BBC's Bitesize series, with eight totally separate environments, Questionaut feels like stepping into a story book and becoming one of its characters. And thanks to Questionaut's powerful imagery, it feels like a living universe that continues to exist even after you've shut down your browser. Just delightful.
I know what you're thinking. "Oh no, not another game where your friend's hat gets carried away by a bubble, and you have to chase after it in your hot air balloon fueled by pure knowledge! When will game designers come up with some new ideas?" I understand. I'm sympathetic. But give it a chance, as despite the fact that the target audience for Questionaut is primary school students, there is enough wonder and imagination here for gamers of all ages. As usual, Amanita has loaded its game with soothing mossy textures and rickety mechanical systems. Each level is a self-contained environment floating in the sky, with its own placid inhabitants, surreal logic, and gorgeously quirky music. 

So... Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

A little bit difficult tosomeone who is spanish

MrSwampy said...

That's true, sorry Iñigo! But it's good practice for you! ;-)