Game 21: Tipping Point


You've been looking for some kind of escape — a vacation to paradise, maybe, but you'd probably just settle for a nap. So, here, you now find yourself sitting in front of this screen once again. But why are you wearing those pale green socks?
Welcome to Tipping Point, a point-and-click adventure with serene, highly detailed graphics and soft music, this game is a break away from the ordinary. 
In the first chapter, you'll find yourself stuck in front of the TV, with nothing better to do than channel surf. This will soon change, as you begin to be followed by great blue herons and answer a call for help. In the second chapter, you'll be scrambling for clues along a deserted beach. Well, deserted except for the herons. They must like you. The third chapter whisks you away to a tropical rain forest with exotic birds and bugs buzzing all around. There is even a treehouse to explore.
Tipping Point is slightly strange, moderately challenging, and intensely beautiful. While the storyline is little odd and surreal, the puzzles are straightforward and logical; most can be solved just by exploring and clicking around, so don't be afraid to do a little hunt-and-clicking. As soon as the game starts to seem too simple though, you may suddenly find yourself stuck, and pushing towards your own Tipping Point!