Game 23: Fancy Pants Adventures: World Two


The second chapter in Brad Borne's epic tale of a man with righteous pants is here, and it is spectacular. Fancy Pants Adventure: World Two is a platform game focused on high-speed acrobatics, like a hand-drawn Sonic the Hedgehog. Twice the size of the original, World 2 is one of the most ambitious flash games out there, bursting with thrills, imagination, and whimsy. It even comes with its own motto — "Be fancy" — and that is probably the best advice you'll get from a video game this year.
Easy to play, difficult to master. The controls are simple; Move left and right with the arrow keys and press [S] to jump. Press [down] to slide mid-run or roll down hills. You will encounter big black spiders and snails, and these can be dispatched by bouncing on their heads or sliding into them. But enemies are rare. Most of your time will be spent charging around in a gleeful trance, exploring the exaggerated physics of the Fancy Pants universe. So go on, have a go, and enjoy playing the Zaphod Beeblebrox of stick figures!